The Instituto de Baños de Bosque create unique experiences that, within the forest environment, create meaningful and valuable experiences and tools that can be applied in everyday school and family life.

We believe that connection to nature is necessary for the physical, emotional,
and cognitive wellbeing of children.

A Forest Bathing Walk

Recent scientific studies demonstrate that spend time in nature:
• Stimulate children and young adults.
• Allows the development of self-confidence, learning ability, and enthusiasm.
• Decrease conflicts.
• Makes easier to create a clear communication.

We work with tools for the physical and cognitive development of children like:
• Slowing Down.
• Concentration Ability.
• Silence and Active Listening.
• Creativity and imagination.
• Clear and Effective communication.
• Sense of Belonging.


Together with the teachers we can design a bespoke program that adjusts the needs of the teachers and students.

Forest Bathing Walk

This is a Forest Therapy experience of 2 or 3 hours.
We concentrate our senses to develop a nature connection.

Forest Day

This day immersion is a specific experience that explores how to connect with nature through the senses.
• We will do a Forest Therapy walk.
• We will practice a variety of sensory activities to deepen the relation to the setting around us and the rest of the class.