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Alex is a Certified Forest therapy Guide. Trainer and Mentor of guides by the European Forest Therapy Institute (EFTI), being one of its founder members. Alex is the founder of the Instituto de Baños de Bosque and the Instituto de Banhos de Floresta de Portugal and collaborated as a consultant specialist in the expert group on Human Health and Well-being to the Forest Europe, Ministerial Conference on the Protection of forests in Europe.

Alex is the author of "Sentir el bosque: La experiencia del Shinrin-Yoku (baño de bosque)", Grijalbo, edited by Penguin Random House Editorial Group.

As opposed to the daily stress of urban life, he facilitates and develops nature connection techniques so that all people can experience the health benefits of natural environments.

He develops programs for companies and organizations in the continuous practice of supporting companies to reduce stress, to prevent Burnout syndrome, to improve the well-being of its collaborators and to stimulate creativity and teamwork. Alex is committed to promoting this practice to support everyone to surpass their established limits and improve their well-being.


Alex Gesse Instituto de Baños de Bosque

Alex Gesse
Certified Forest Therapy Guide.
Guides Trainer.
(+34) 663 08 43 25

Celine Girardon
Certified Forest Therapy Guide.

Céline is a Certified Forest Bathing Guide by the European Forest Therapy Institute (EFTI), Apprentice Trainer and Mentor of guides. In the Instituto de Baños de Bosque she is the responsable of the Corporate Wellbeing area, where programs for companies and organizations are developped to reduce stress, to prevent burnout syndrome, to improve the well-being, the comunication and teamwork. The practice of Forest Bathing is the basis of our programs for the workplace wellbeing.

French by birth, she decided to settle down in Galicia more than 15 years ago. With extensive experience in project management in the automotive industry, she noted the need to improve communication and team management to improve results, both economically and at the level of employee wellbeing.

Céline studied Mechanical Engineering in France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. She is certified in NLP and Coaching with a Practitioner Coach in NLP and a Postgraduate in Coaching, NLP and Team Leadership. She is also a Certified Guide by the Deutsche Akademie für Waldbaden and the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT).


Paco is a Certified Forest Bath Guide by the  European Forest Therapy Institute (EFTI), an internship trainer and mentor of guides. The practice of forest bathing is the basis on which he develops his projects for the creation of experiences in nature. Amateur percussionist with musical training and passionate about writing, both disciplines are fundamental in his life.

Galician by birth and heart, he has spent more than half of his life in Madrid, developing activities in the field of IT consulting, specialized in the field of Human Resources, and the development and implementation of agile methodologies (Lean, Scrum) , as a means for the optimization and humanization of business processes.

He studied in Madrid his studies of Technical Engineering of IT Systems. In addition, he has a master's degree in creative writing (Hotel Kafka), and has completed different courses and retreats of Vipassana meditation. It is also a Guide certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT).

Paco García
Certified Forest Therapy Guide.